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Specialized Equipment (aka the toys)

We use only the best equipment to keep your airplane running its best. 

01 Boroscope

It's like a colonoscopy for your engine



02 Prop Balancer

Because no one likes how their airplane flies when their prop is out of balance. 



03 Zyglo Inspection Tools

Nothing worse than a crack that comes apart mid flight!  



04 Thermocouple Testing and Calibration

With the Alcal 2000 EGT/CHT Test Equipment we do accurate calibration and troubleshooting of EGT/CHT/TIT, Type K, J, and E systems.

This tester will simulate thermocouple output millivolts so we can calibrate an instrument while still in your aircraft.

It will also receive a millivolt input while testing thermocouples installed in its special heater to enable us to check accuracy at operating temperatures.

With the thermocouple in the heater, just read the instrument in the panel and recalibrate as necessary while simulating temperatures up to 1750° F.



05Fuel Injection System Tester

The Porta Test Model 20ATM-C is the sixth of a series of portable fuel injection equipment from Aero Test, Inc. since it was introduced in 1957.

It is designed to allow our technicians, for the first time, to completely check the operational functions of the TOTAL Continental Fuel Injection System All tests can be done while the fuel injection components are still installed on the engine.

Teledyne Continental Motors has issued a Service Information Directive, SID97-3C, covering the test specifications for all Continental Fuel Injection Systems now in use. Teledyne Continental Motors recommend that the Porta Test Model 20ATM-C is used to service, test and adjust their fuel injection system.

With this very valuable information in SID97-3C and the Porta Test Model 20ATM-C unit, the tests and necessary adjustments can be made without removal of components from the engine. This eliminates the premature removal of suspected components as well as the additional cost of the “Trial and Error Troubleshooting Method” that is used by other maintenance facilities.



06 Pneumatic Vacuum & Pressure testing

Airborne Model 343 Pneumatic Test Kit includes everything needed to troubleshoot both vacuum and pressure systems for instruments and deice boots.

07 Cabin Pressure Tester

Because whats the point of having a pressurized airplane if it doesn't work? 

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